The Bad News is, You’re Fired :-(

So what’s the good news? 🙂 Termination Training Compensation can be used for Business English Courses. It’s employer-funded training  to help you transition to the next job.

There are many synonyms for job loss:

  • You’re fired
  • You’re sacked
  • You’re laid off
  • Your services will no longer be required
  • Your position has been eliminated or made redundant
  • Your contrast will not be renewed

But no matter how you say it, it feels pretty rotten. However, there may be some good news. If you will receive a “termination compensation and training” package, it can be used for Business English training. Many workers preparing for job interviews choose a combination of these courses to professionalize their English.

  • private English course
  • mobile video app training
  • business English weekly training
  • intensive business English course

If you have not been in the job market recently, you may not realize how important English  has become, and  how often  job interviews now  include English. Then after you get the job,  how often your day to day tasks will include speaking, writing and meeting in English.

The intent of termination compensation training is to help employees successfully transition to new jobs. And if your English is “not the best,” English training will be good use of that money. There are no taxes deducted on transition training compensation, which means you can use the full (gross) amount of the compensation.

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