Learn English App: Speak English with Guaranteed Results.

Learn Spoken English and Business English with this interactive Learn English App + a Personal English Center Coach. It’s a quality English Course, with unlimited speaking practice right at your fingertips, 24/7. And it’s cheap. How do you start?

  • 12,000 videos to WATCH LEARN SPEAK. All levels, all kinds of great content.
  • Choose a one, two or three-month program. We recommend the Three Month Guaranteed Program: just 165 euro with unlimited access and personal teacher feedback.
  • Take the free test to put you in the right level: beginner – advanced.
  • Tell us what you want to study and we will select the best course content for you: Business English, Social English, Job Interview English, Teen English, travel English, and many more.
  • Your Personal Coach will contact you once per week with expert pronunciation advice and technical support. She will give you personal learning advice and observe your progress, to keep you motivated and sounding better every day.

We guarantee your results. Study 3 hours per week and improve one English CEFR level in 3 months.

With our Learn English App, you can work on your English 24/7 and get weekly personal feedback from your online coach (a real English Center teacher). Our Watch-Learn-Speak interactive video system works on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and iPads.

Learn Spoken English with our video app – get unlimited Access, 24/7.

Watch – The more videos you watch and speak, the more progress you will make. Learn English using thousands of the most engaging videos on the web, presented with text transcriptions and word definitions. Choose a Video Course designed for Business, Social, Travel, English Proficiency Exams, English Pronunciation and more.

  • Learn – Master over 20,000 words using this unique video based vocabulary training tool. Improving vocabulary, using videos is a proven method of increasing English fluency and test scores.
  • Speak – Improve your pronunciation and speaking fluency using our unique interactive speech assessment technology. Our technology gives you immediate pronunciation feedback and an ongoing assessment of your particular pronunciation challenges.
  • Get feedback – Every week, get a personal email from your English Center online coach. She will listen to your recordings and give you useful feedback to help you sound even better.
  • In three months, go up one level!

What if you could learn English by being the star of your favorite YouTube video? And get instant VRT (voice recognition technology) feedback on your speaking? You can do it with our Learn English App.

This very affordable Learn-English-app is available in one, two or three month packages, and always comes with tech support and weekly professional feedback from your English Center teacher.

Would you like to combine our Learn English App with private English lessons, an intensive or group course? Or Skype lessons?

The Learn English App comes free with most English Center intensive courses and weekly small group courses.  And almost all of our private clients choose to add the Learn English App to their lesson package in order to gain unlimited hours of guided English reading, listening and speaking without being in a classroom. This is interactive, real English – anytime, anywhere.

Would you like to get the Learn English App at the best price on the net? Do you prefer to work independently, and you don’t care about getting personal feedback? But you still want instant VRT feedback and local tech support from a real English Center teacher?

Then choose this best price study option with our guarantee of success. Buy one month for 22 euro, or buy three months for 19 euro per month = just 57 euro for 3 months. These prices are 15% lower than other advertised prices. This plan includes 12,000 videos, local support and account setup,  and a guarantee of success. (This plan excludes weekly personal feedback.) Contact us today to get started!

Course details

Level:Beginner to Advanced
Trainer:Native English speaker
Course:3 months recommended
Day & time:anytime
Video training hours:unlimited
Niveau test:available
Personalized feedback:
Ron Seesing
Ron Seesing
05:36 10 Oct 19
The English Course is perfect to improve my English for business purpose. Great teacher Rose Hook who is very helpfull with great excercises. The course takes place at beatifull locations. I strongly recommand this course.
Tomas Beerthuis
Tomas Beerthuis
09:11 29 Sep 19
I warmly recommend The English Center and in particular Rose! Rose is a fantastic teacher who easily uncovers areas of improvement, gives great feedback and tailors each session to meet your objectives. Thank you for helping me improve!
Aliina Neep
Aliina Neep
16:07 18 Jul 19
Very happy to have chosen The English Center to improve my business English. Not only have I gained confidence in speaking English, but I've noticed a huge improvement in my pronunciation and vocabulary. Thank you, The English Center!
Melissa Nguyen
Melissa Nguyen
09:55 24 Apr 19
I have private lessons which are tailor made to my learning goals, and I'm very satisfied with the quality of teaching! Highly recommended!
Joanne Schouten
Joanne Schouten
13:47 04 Apr 19
If you want to improve your English skills, the English Center is the place to be. My teacher Daniel was the best, and I am impressed by the personal approach and feedback of the staff. Thank you all for helping me reach my goals.
Francesca Bergamin
Francesca Bergamin
07:53 11 Oct 18
Helpful staff, beautiful and cozy location. The course was created by matching my needs and my teacher Esther did an amazing job. Honestly I am sad that the lessons are finished. I do recommend this school.
Rijk Plasman
Rijk Plasman
05:50 06 Oct 18
Personal approach and modern learning methods.
Isis Caljé
Isis Caljé
13:36 05 Oct 18
I got great feedback on what I need to focus on to reduce my natural accent and sound more American.
John Gl
John Gl
16:39 08 Feb 18
Professional and great place!
Claire Langenhoff
Claire Langenhoff
10:10 06 Feb 18
If you're looking for a place to develop your professional English skills, this is the place to go!
Paul Duizendstra
Paul Duizendstra
08:41 06 Feb 18
Marike is the best.
Koen Feya Koen
Koen Feya Koen
10:14 22 Jun 16
Great teachers, very nice atmosphere and the founders/owners have a very personal approach into setting you up with the right course and helping you get started!
Mario Derksen
Mario Derksen
06:56 15 Apr 16
The English Center outsources their MailChimp newsletter at Mailhouse Rock. Each time a pleasure to work with Brenda/Michael!
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