English Accent Coaching for Actors

If you are a non native English speaking actor (or singer), you will no doubt want to focus on either an American English (AE) or a British accent (BE) first. You may need to learn them both, but you should start by clearly hearing and being able to produce the contrasting sounds, for example in As, Hs and Rs. Then you can dive into your chosen accent.

Just a few of the accent differences (AE vs BE) are:

  • the mid and final position R (usually not spoken in BE)
  • the O sound in words like shop and lost
  • words like caught and court sound the same in BE. In American English, the sounded R distinguishes them.
  • the vowels in the words ferry and fairy sound the same in AE,but different in BE
  • the A sound in can’t is flat and rather closed in AE, while it sounds like an open “ah” in BE
  • the words pen and pin are almost indistinguishable in AE, but the E in pen is clearly heard in BE

This sort of training is totally personalized and recommended for actors, singers, public speakers, business presenters, business leaders and thought leaders. Contact us about a free intake appointment so you can get started working with your native-speaker trainer.

Course details

LevelB1 and higher
CourseOne month
Day and timeflex
Class hours6
Self-study hoursinteractive video library training recommended
Total study hoursflex
Max. participants1
Study bookrecommended, not included
Niveau test:
Interactieve video:recommended, not included
LocationSee our contact page for location options

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