Oxford Online English Placement Test (OOPT)

Oxford University ESL Placement Test with CEFR scoring: Combining convenience,  reliability, instant reporting and the Oxford reputation, all at a low cost.

This test can usually be taken within one business day of purchase. It is very reliable and provides official results indexed to the CEFR.

While this test is not designed specifically for Business English Communication evaluation, it is a very convenient, reliable and well-priced test.

This test does not evaluate speaking and writing, but  we like this test a lot. It can be done by anyone, anywhere.

The Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) helps place test takers in an appropriate level language course and is used as a quick, accurate measure of a test taker’s language ability.

Corporate training companies use this test to decide what level of training employees need, and human resources departments use it to check the English level of employees. It is also used by schools and universities. This test evaluates grammar, listening and “use of English.”

Oxford Online Placement Test Details.

Cost? 45 euro
Location? At your home or office.
Modular? This test has one module covering “use of English” and listening.
All four skills? No, just 2. Reading/use of English and listening.
Adaptive? Yes, the test gets easier or harder based on your answers.
Online? 100% online.

Read more about this English test at the Oxford site or contact us today about taking the Oxford Online Placement Test.

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