Pre-Intermediate English Course A2-B1 in Amsterdam

Small Group English Course

This semi-intensive, morning English course in the heart of Amsterdam is for high beginner and low intermediate speakers – CEFR level A2-B1. Not sure of your level? Take our free English level test now. Want to talk more about your level? Get in touch with us. We are happy to speak with you!

Sorry, the March session of pre intermediate English is full! Enroll now for the May course.

Pre Intermediate English Course, A2-B1 CEFR Level

There is nothing more important in life than communication, right? Speaking, reading, listening and writing – these are the things we do every day to connect. And English is the global language that makes it happen.

Can YOU chat with people in English? Apply for a job in English? Talk to people when you travel? If the answer is “no,” let us boost your Business English with The English Center’s Small Group English Course in the heart of Amsterdam – always with a talented, native-speaker trainer.

Not sure about your English Level? Take our Free English Test now!

Would you like to improve your English for Business, but you have to improve your level first?

If you need better English for your job, and you are not ready for a Business English course, this course is for you. This course will help you fill in gaps form your English education, and can provide the bridge to a Business English Course (B2 and above).

English Course Focus

If you are not as social in English as you are in your native language, this highly interactive, social course in the heart of Amsterdam will support you in building the English communication skills you need.

Our course includes:

  • Bonus! 24/7 Learn English Video Membership
  • Lots of speaking practice (with corrections)
  • Discussion: agreeing and disagreeing
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing basic English emails
  • Pronunciation correction
  • Grammar review

This Course is right for you if you sometimes–

  • Feel confused in English conversations
  • Believe that most people speak better English than you
  • Believe that your English is holding back your career
  • Cannot find your words
  • Feel stupid when others speak English
  • Get quiet and let other people talk
  • Translate everything in your head
  • Think that your vocabulary and idiom is too small

What will you take away from this A2-B1 English course?

  • More self-confidence
  • More words
  • Better listening
  • Better, easier speaking
  • Better pronunciation
  • Better reading
  • Better grammar
  • Better small talk (social English)
  • Less translation

Pre Intermediate Semi Intensive English Course Dates 2020

March 10 – April 16. Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00 – 12:00. Boomsspijker.

May 7 (Thursday) – June 18 (Thursday).  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00 – 12:00. Boomsspijker. Note: No lesson on Thursday May 21

Course details

LevelA2-B1 high beginner – low intermediate
TrainerNative-speaker professional teacher
Course length6 weeks
Day & timeTuesdays AND Thursdays, 10:00–12:00
Classroom hours4 hours per week, 24 total
Self-study hours27
Total study hours51
Max. participants8
Course book
Level test
Interactive video training
Course certificate
LocationDe Boomsspijker, Recht Boomsloot 52 Room 2.7, Amsterdam
Ron Seesing
Ron Seesing
05:36 10 Oct 19
The English Course is perfect to improve my English for business purpose. Great teacher Rose Hook who is very helpfull with great excercises. The course takes place at beatifull locations. I strongly recommand this course.
Tomas Beerthuis
Tomas Beerthuis
09:11 29 Sep 19
I warmly recommend The English Center and in particular Rose! Rose is a fantastic teacher who easily uncovers areas of improvement, gives great feedback and tailors each session to meet your objectives. Thank you for helping me improve!
Aliina Neep
Aliina Neep
16:07 18 Jul 19
Very happy to have chosen The English Center to improve my business English. Not only have I gained confidence in speaking English, but I've noticed a huge improvement in my pronunciation and vocabulary. Thank you, The English Center!
Melissa Nguyen
Melissa Nguyen
09:55 24 Apr 19
I have private lessons which are tailor made to my learning goals, and I'm very satisfied with the quality of teaching! Highly recommended!
Joanne Schouten
Joanne Schouten
13:47 04 Apr 19
If you want to improve your English skills, the English Center is the place to be. My teacher Daniel was the best, and I am impressed by the personal approach and feedback of the staff. Thank you all for helping me reach my goals.
Francesca Bergamin
Francesca Bergamin
07:53 11 Oct 18
Helpful staff, beautiful and cozy location. The course was created by matching my needs and my teacher Esther did an amazing job. Honestly I am sad that the lessons are finished. I do recommend this school.
Rijk Plasman
Rijk Plasman
05:50 06 Oct 18
Personal approach and modern learning methods.
Isis Caljé
Isis Caljé
13:36 05 Oct 18
I got great feedback on what I need to focus on to reduce my natural accent and sound more American.
John Gl
John Gl
16:39 08 Feb 18
Professional and great place!
Claire Langenhoff
Claire Langenhoff
10:10 06 Feb 18
If you're looking for a place to develop your professional English skills, this is the place to go!
Paul Duizendstra
Paul Duizendstra
08:41 06 Feb 18
Marike is the best.
Koen Feya Koen
Koen Feya Koen
10:14 22 Jun 16
Great teachers, very nice atmosphere and the founders/owners have a very personal approach into setting you up with the right course and helping you get started!
Mario Derksen
Mario Derksen
06:56 15 Apr 16
The English Center outsources their MailChimp newsletter at Mailhouse Rock. Each time a pleasure to work with Brenda/Michael!
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