Yes, our teachers are 100% native speakers. They come from the US, Canada, England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The group courses start at about €300.

Yes we have locations in the heart of the city – very close to Amsterdam Centraal, in the Jordaan, and right by Vondelpark.

We do not let people sample group lessons for free, but we do give a free, no-obligation “get-to-know-you” appointment for people who want private training. Those appointments are always with a real teacher, so you get a clear impression of the way we work.

Yes, we teach a lot at company offices. The business sectors we work with include financial, real estate, fashion, media, entertainment, IT and more.

Yes, we work a lot with pronunciation training. You can take a look at our pronunciation courses here: Learn American EnglishEnglish Accent Coaching for Actors and Learn British English.

That is a tough question. It depends a lot on you and your goals. Everyone is different.

Many people work with us for months or even years (!) but most people start with a 12-hour package. However, you can buy smaller packages.

Yes, we often work with people on a particular skill or project. So we can help you prepare to give an important presentation in English, help you improve your writing, or help you get ready for a job interview. Private lessons are built around your goals, challenges and learning style.

Usually not. We recommend a video-based learning app that activates all your English in an immersive language experience. It has all levels and comes with a guarantee!

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