English Writing Course for Business People & Academics

English Writing for Business People, Academics and Creatives

Private 1:1 with native speaker teacher

We work with business people, government officials, high school, university and HBO students, academic professionals, marketing professionals, scientists, authors, and others to help them become better writers. With this English Writing Course, learn writing English through fun and innovative techniques. Students are encouraged to bring in their own material to the lessons so that the teachers can tailor-make the course to best aide the student.

Improve your English structure, utilize business vocabulary, implement correct collocation use and express your ideas, facts or research in the proper manner.

What Style of Writing do you Prefer? British or American?

The English Center has many skilled and trained teachers who are experienced in helping students achieve proper British or American writing skills. Teachers will focus on such particular topics as punctuation, spelling differences, proper British or American vocabulary and much more!

Here are some fun and interesting examples showing the difference between American and British Spelling. This is just a small list of spelling differences in English writing.

North American vs United Kingdom Spelling Differences-

  • color vs colour / behavior vs behaviour / humor vs humour
  • center vs centre / fiber vs fibre / theater vs theatre
  • organization vs organisation / optimization vs optimisation
  • apologize vs apologise / recognize vs recognise / organize vs organise
  • defense vs defence / license vs licence / offense vs offence
  • traveling vs travelling / traveler vs traveller/ fueled vs fuelled
  • leukemia vs leukaemia / maneuver vs manoeuvre / estrogen vs oestrogen

And many more!

​Through this English Writing Course, you can Improve Your:

  • Email Writing
  • Speeches and Presentation Skills
  • Essay, Thesis or Dissertation Writing Skills
  • Website content
  • Professional articles
  • Creative writing
  • Employment solicitations
  • CV and Resumes

Would you like to have an excellent online writing resource that is free and without advertising? Check out the Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab.

For more information, please contact us!

Course details

Level:Beginner to Advanced
Trainer:Native English speaker
Day & time:flexible
Course book:available
Level test:available
Location:Amsterdam and The Hague

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