Teen English Lessons: Help your Teen Succeed!

Teen English – Private Lessons and Tutoring – Year round private academic training, because your teen needs good English to succeed in school, and in life!

When your teens are not getting enough help at school, let us support them with focused, positive attention on exactly the skills they need to succeed. These Teen English Lessons are private, 1:1 and help teens achieve both short and long term academic goals. Don’t let English become a problem for your teen!

Teen English lessons with a native-speaker teacher help kids who are struggling with

  • grammar
  • sentence structure
  • vocabulary
  • reading comprehension
  • test taking skills
  • writing
  • confidence

Private English lessons for teens can really help!

Compare a Dutch classroom with private English lessons and you will see how 1:1 tutoring can really help your teen. At school, the English teacher has to stay on schedule and help a room-full of teens, right? If your teen is confused, they may not get the extra help they need. And as confusion builds, confidence and test scores go down. But with private lessons, a patient, supportive English Center teacher will

  • focus on the problem areas
  • keep explaining until understanding is achieved!
  • prepare with your teen for classroom assignments, such as tests and papers
  • teach test taking skills
  • contact the classroom teacher, when needed, for more clarity
  • practice, practice, practice!

In a private teen English lesson, there is no shame or embarrassment

Our professional English teachers are carefully chosen for their credentials, but just as importantly, they are chosen for their social intelligence. In other words, they know how to help your teen gain skill and confidence.

English is forever

Whatever your teen plans to do as an adult, they will need English, so give them the gift of English now!

Want to get in touch with us? We are happy to talk with you, via email or phone. We speak English and Dutch.

Are you interested in our intensive, small group courses for teens?

Get the right teacher for your teen.

Course details

Levelall levels
Teacherprofessional, native-speaker
Coursetest prep, homework support, grammar revision, skill development
Day & timeafter school appointments
How many hoursflexible packages
Max. participants1
LocationAmsterdam Museum Quarter, Amstelveen, Den Haag and more

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