English Job Interview: Preparation for Success

A focused, three hour private training package. Rehearse & role play English job interview questions & answers with a native-speaker trainer. Get practical feedback you can use!

There is nothing more important for your career than communication, and most job interviews will have some English language questions. English is the global language for business, and you will certainly be expected to speak some English in most job interviews… and you may have to speak a lot of English! Our English Job Interview Preparation Package gives you the focused practice and feedback you need to do your best in your job interview.

The English you need.

Can you effectively describe, discuss, agree, disagree, ask smart questions and tell your career story – in English? If the answer is “no,” let us boost your Business English ability with The English Center’s popular English Job Interview Prep Course – always with a talented, native-speaker trainer. And for powerful mobile homework, use our unique WATCH LEARN SPEAK video program.

Not sure about your Business English Level?

Take our free English level test now. Or try our free business idioms quiz. Or for a more formal evaluation, ask us about an Oxford test.

Our English Interview Prep course includes:

• Role playing the most common interview questions
• Small talk: social business English
• Talking about yourself: what to say and what to leave out
• Understanding timing and flow
• Lots of speaking practice (with corrections)
• Discussion: agreeing and disagreeing
• Diplomatic Language
• Body language

Can you answer these job interview questions in English?

  • Why are you the right person for this job?​
  • What are your strengths? Your weaknesses?​
  • What is your leadership style?
  • What kind of team player are you?
  • Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  • What do your colleagues say about you?

​We help job seekers prepare for English language employment interviews.

Using standard interview questions, we plan, rehearse and role play responses to expected questions.

In addition, we have online video Business English courses and personal coaches here in the Netherlands who can assist with CV’s, letters of motivation, profile photos and videos. Contact us about preparing for your upcoming English job interview.

You're hired!

Course details

Private or Group?private
Levelintermediate and above
Trainernative-speaker professional
Course durationtwo 90-minute appointments
Day and timeflexible
Class hours3
Number of participants1
Level testMLIT included
Interactive videorecommended but not included in cost
Course certificatenot applicable

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