Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Training

Private 1:1 English Course

English accent training and accent reduction lessons complete your English training.

How is your English accent? Your pronunciation?

Accents can be charming and add a sort of music to language. But accents can also be problematic, interfering with everyday communication. If people often ask you to repeat what you said, you may have consistent pronunciation errors that are making you hard to understand. These errors are pronunciation habits that can hurt you professional or academic career. In simple terms, when your accent is “thick” (strong) ,it is a lot of work for others to listen to you. They have to guess the misspoken words from context. Here are some examples:

  • tree or three?
  • very or ferry?
  • sheep or ship?
  • seek or chic?

If you are Dutch, the classic pronunciation error is replacing the TH sound with a T or D. If you are Asian, the problem may be R and L. Such mistakes affect other’s ability to understand you, and can also make it hard for you to learn to be a good listener and to spell correctly.

We believe that English accent training (accent reduction)​ is one of the most important aspects of your English training.

Accurate pronunciation supports everyday communication. It makes you a better listener and it allows others to understand what you are saying without the irritation of asking you to repeat yourself.

Would you like some tips for English Accent Reduction and Pronunciation training?

  • Do more listening and less reading. Use our Video Library Program, TV, Netflix, podcasts, eBooks, whatever you like, but you have to train your ear!
  • Accept the fact that letters and words may sound very different than you have imagined or learned. Let your teacher advise you.
  • Prepare to change your habits, because pronunciation, good or bad, is a habit.
  • Slow down and discover your mouth, lips, teeth and tongue. Discover the  the feeling of the sound and practice it.
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Use Tongue Twisters
  • Use Rachel’s English videos
  • Use our Interactive Learn English App
  • Request a copy of our booklet, “Sounding Great”

In English Accent Pronunciation Private Training, you will improve

  • Intonation
  • Production of vowels and consonants
  • Production of consonant clusters
  • Elimination of fossilized errors

What accent do you prefer? British or American?

The English Center has teachers who are experienced in helping learners achieve a proper British or American accent. ​

How can I improve my English pronunciation in class and at home?

In class, you will get specific training for how to speak English correctly.

And to extend your training hours, ask us about our interactive Learn English app. Changing pronunciation habits requires a lot of listening and supervised practice. Pronunciation support is included in all lessons and can also be chosen as a focus. Choose to work with an English trainer from the US or the UK. Contact us to learn more.

Course details

LevelB1 and higher
Course4 weeks
Day and timeflex
Class hours6
Self-study hours12 hours
Total study hours18 and more
Max. participants1. Private course.
Study bookrecommended, not included
Niveau test:
Interactieve video:recommended, not included
LocationSee our contact page for location options

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