Business English Course – Fluency – Amsterdam

Small Group Business English Course

Are you already at an advanced level of Business English? Do you want to master presentation and meeting skills? Do you want to achieve real fluency  and become as confident in English as you are in your native language? Are you ready for a class that will get you on your feet and talking like a pro?

Business English Advanced Communications Course for Fluency

This course includes 20 very active classroom hours focuses on the two areas that bring the most challenge and reward for business people: meetings, negotiation, selling, and presentations / public speaking. In this course you will practice–

  • delivering presentations and speeches
  • thinking on your feet
  • active listening
  • negotiation skills
  • concision and directness
  • passive, assertive or agressive?
  • managing and answering presentation followup question
  • selling a product, service, POV or yourself!
  • handling objections
  • being diplomatic
  • showing empathy
  • social intelligence and cultural awareness

What happens when all eyes are on YOU? How do you feel when the pressure is on? Let us boost your Business English with The English Center’s popular Small Group Business English Course in the heart of Amsterdam – always with a talented, native-speaker trainer. And for powerful mobile homework, use our unique WATCH LEARN SPEAK video program.

Not sure about your Business English Level?

This course is for higher level speakers – CEFR level C1 and above. Not sure of your level? Take our free English level test now. Or try our free business idioms quiz. Want to talk more about your level? Get in touch with us. We are happy to speak with you and discuss your professional English needs, goals and challenges!

This Business English Course is right for you if you–

  • are already at a C level
  • already took our intermediate business English course
  • want to be almost as natural in English as you are in your native language (to be near native)
  • want to reduce second language stress and build confidence
  • want to be as smart in English as your in your own language
  • want to be as relaxed and in control in English as you are in your native language
  • want to give killer presentations
  • want to be persuasive, diplomatic and spontaneous in business meetings

Want to talk about this course? Call us now!

Upcoming Business English Fluency Course Amsterdam Dates  2019

April 3 – June 5 (Wed) No class: April 24 and May 1

May 21 – July 9 (Tue)

June 12 – July 10 (Wed) accelerated 5 week course

Course details

LevelC1 and C2
TrainerNative-speaker professional teacher
Course length8 weeks
Day & timeTuesdays or Wednesdays, 19:00–21:30
Classroom hours2.5 hours per week, 20 total
Self-study hours24
Total study hours44
Max. participants12
Course book
Level test
Interactive video training
Course certificate
LocationDe Boomsspijker, Recht Boomssloot 52, Amsterdam

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