Business English Course in Amsterdam: Intermediate Level

Small Group Business English Course

There is nothing more important for business than communication! English is the global language for business, and everyone is speaking it, right?

Business English Communications Course

Can YOU effectively persuade, discuss, agree, disagree and tell your business story – in English? If the answer is “no,” let us boost your Business English with The English Center’s popular Small Group Business English Course in the Amsterdam Jordaan – always with a talented, native-speaker trainer. And for powerful mobile homework, use our unique WATCH LEARN SPEAK video program.

Not sure about your Business English Level?

This course is for intermediate and higher level speakers –CEFR level B2 and above. Not sure of your level? Take our free English level test now. Or try our free business idioms quiz. Want to talk more about your level? Get in touch with us. We are happy to speak with you and discuss your professional English needs, goals and challenges!

Business English Course Focus

If you are not as “smart” in English as you are in your native language, this highly interactive, social course in the Jordaan will support you in building the English communication skills you need to succeed. Our course includes:

• Lots of speaking practice (with corrections)
• Discussion: agreeing and disagreeing
• Vocabulary and idiom
• Writing English emails
• English presentations
• Pronunciation correction
• Grammar for business review
• Diplomatic Language
• Readings from the Harvard Business Review, Economist and New York Times

This Business English Course is right for you if you sometimes–

• Get confused in complex Business English conversations
• Get tired when you have to speak English a lot
• Cannot find the words you are looking for
• Feel nervous when you are in an English business meeting
• Let other people lead the conversation
• Have trouble saying “no” in English
• Translate everything in your head
• Worry that you will have to make small talk
• Aren’t sure about if you are being too direct – or too passive!
• Have to edit your English emails a lot to get them right
• Think that your vocabulary and idiom is limited
• In general, you feel frustrated that you cannot be your best in English!

What will you take away from this business English course?

• More self-confidence overall
• Better performance in meetings and presentations
• Greater ease of speaking (less tiredness)
• More accurate grammar
• Better “powers of persuasion”
• Improved social business English (small talk)
• Less mental translation
• Faster, clearer and more accurate emails with less Google translation
• Better use of register – formality, directness & diplomatic language
• More fluency (flow) when speaking
• Broader business English vocabulary and idiom

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Upcoming Intermediate Business English Course Amsterdam Dates  2018-2019

Nov 13 – Jan 15 Intermediate Business English (Tue) No class Dec 25 and Jan 1

Jan 8 – Mar 5 (Tue) No class: Feb 19

Jan 30 – Mar 27 (Wed) No class: Feb 20

Mar 12 – May 7 (Tue) No class: April 30

April 3 – May 29 (Wed) No class: May 1

May 14 – July 2 (Tue)

June 5 – July 10 (Wed) Note: 6 weeks*

English Course on the Elandsgracht in the Jordaan

Course details

LevelB2 and higher – upper intermediate and above
TrainerNative-speaker professional teacher
Course length8 weeks
Day & timeTuesdays or Wednesdays, 19:00–21:00
Classroom hours2 hours per week, 16 total
Self-study hours21
Total study hours37
Max. participants12
Course book
Level test
Interactive video training
Course certificate
LocationClaverhuis, Elandsgracht 70, Amsterdam (the Jordaan)

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